Thursday, March 31, 2005


I made up my mind and after checking my measure several times, I chose 2 sizes bigger pattern than my size because I have bigger my hips than my breast. I look like a pear shape that´s the reason I don´t feel like to buy already made corset.

So, I bought all the materials in corsetmaking website. Now I have to wait.

Después de tomarme las medidas varias veces, me decidí y he pedido un patrón dos tallas mayor que la que necesito porque tengo las caderas más grandes que el pecho. Tengo forma de pera y por eso no me atrajo comprar un corset ya hecho.

He comprado todo el material en la web de corsetmaking. Ahora toca esperar.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The very beginning

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For long time I have been searching for a website where I can buy all stuff for a corset: any books, patterns, fabrics, boning, and so on.

Now I found it:

Llevo mucho tiempo buscando una web donde pueda comprar todo lo necesario para hacer un corset: libros, patrones, ballenas, etc.

Ahora la he encontrado:

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Begin the begin

I was not really sure about to create a blog because I don´t feel like to fill Internet with some empty thoughts, so when I found something that I would like to share, express and it drives me absolutely crazy, I have done it.

Tighten my corset is all the steps to create my own corset. I hope you find it useful and interesting but I am afraid that it´s a blog for fetichists.

Anyway, enjoy it as much as I do.